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It happens quite often that beginning bikers don't understand the difference between enduro and cross bike. In this article, we will make classification of these two types of bikes and explain what is the difference between them and their usage.

First of all, all the off-roads can be divided into 4 groups:

  • Touristic enduro;
  • Soft enduro;
  • Hard enduro or sport;
  • Cross bike.

If to talk about the touristic version, then everything is quite clear here. Such bikes were made for traveling on the roads with various quality. That is why many people prefer to buy this bike to travel on the roads with problem asphalt coat. If you want to try adventure tours in Dubai on touristic enduro, come to us.

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In most cases, questions like "what is the difference between enduro and cross bike?" appears at the moment when a beginner chooses between hard enduro, soft enduro and cross models. It happens, because if to look on the whole model range provided by different manufacturers, you'll see only visible differences in more spiked tyres and absence of illumination in cross models. 

At the same time, difference is deeper and clearer. So let's make it clearer together.

Multipurpose Soft Enduro

As you see, such model is general for these bikes. It is comfortable to ride them both on the road and off-road. To the sports class, these bikes have a distant relation, that is why speed is not their strong point.

If to talk about main factors of this category, then we can relate to them the following:

  • Perfect weight for obstacle crossing
  • Small power as it is developed for "civil" use
  • Hard enduro and cross models

As for hard enduro and cross models - they are closely related. Quite often enduro is developed on the base of cross models. However, it doesn't mean, that these bikes are the same.

Common Features

They have quite a lot of common features, to be honest.

  • They are more powerful than soft enduro, but the source in both models is estimated in moto-hours, which is not really convenient.
  • Such bikes has small weight
  • For such bikes it necessary to have a mini-van or a truck, as it is very expensive and unsafe to ride them on asphalt coat.


So finally, differences between enduro and cross bikes are in their use.

Cross models are designed for the high level of controllability, jumps and ride on the desired path with maximal power and without stops. According to this, headset in such models has a sharp angle. Suspensions have hard adjustments. The engine is adjusted in such a way, to provide the maximal power rates at high rpm. The cooling system is also lighted. Gearings are close to each other.

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There are no illuminations in cross bikes, they have only kick-starter because the bike is cranked up only once, before the start of the race. There is also no foot peg.

Hard enduro is more general. Due to slightly different geometry, it is stable on the straight road. It also has energy-consuming suspended, but it has softer settings. The engine has small "underbody". Gearings are wider. Heat radiator on hard enduro is bigger and in most cases has force-cooled air blower. They are also lower in the seat. We should also note its high price.


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