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You can never predict, what and when we just need to do. Car owners often face the problem of an empty tank in the most inappropriate places and moments. But there is seemingly a paradoxical situation when the owner of a new or used car Dubai is faced with the question of how to drain the gasoline from the tank car. If you don’t want to face such necessity you can order services of car rental in Dubai.

Although the question may seem ridiculous, its causes can be quite serious: sudden emergency on the road or already accomplished accident with your participation, preventive work, or the need of revenue of a man without fuel on the road. In order to avoid unwanted (and sometimes disastrous) consequences, you must be clear about how to act in this situation.

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Let’s consider three solutions to this issue:

  • To pump fuel through the plug hole with the help of a tube or hose (this method is applicable more for domestic cars, because the pipeline of foreign cars has different mesh-filters, which will not allow the hose to enter the tank);
  • To drain the gasoline from the fuel pump;
  • To drain the fuel through the drain plug located at the bottom of the tank.

Option № 1.

Of course, in a critical situation, someone will remember the "grandfather's" method: the man draws breath from the tube, the second end of which is trimmed in the tank with gasoline. But we cannot call such actions safe because of the high probability that the fuel can occur in the mouth, so we will tell you more about safe manipulations.

Here, besides a usual standard tube, you will need a kind of fabric piston in the form of a rope with a knot on one end. Lower the end of the hose with the piston to the tank, which is firmly attached inside. Next, gently pull the plunger up until the node will reach the top of the tube. After reaching the desired level, lower the fixture in the prepared capacity. Now you can pull the piston completely and safely.

Following the target arrow, indicating the direction of movement of the fuel through the hose, drop one end of the hose to the fuel tank. Pump the fuel, pressing the tubing, wait, when the gasoline starts flowing from a free side of the hose.

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Option № 2.

In most modern cars, it is not possible to pump out the gasoline through the fill tube of the fuel, so a drain of the fuel, in this case, can be carried out with an injector.

Disconnect the tubing from the injector (usually there is a clamp). Put the bottle (any suitable container) and lower the hose in it. Then start the engine. While it is working, the fuel will flow from the hose. In this process, the main thing — periodically to stop the operation of the engine (when you noticed that the gasoline begins to foam), otherwise, missing the moment, you can be left with a faulty pump.

Option № 3.

For this method, you must have a flyover, pit, or lift to allow easy access to the drain plug. Place a large container under the tank. Unscrew the cap with the key. Be careful, because the fuel will start to flow immediately after you press the bolt only a few turns.

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