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The driver has to check many things while driving - road, sidewalks, signs, road marking and what is going on behind him. All this requires a lot of concentration. Traffic situation can change in a second. But the driver's attention can be distracted due to a variety of factors - some of which are beyond the control of the driver, and the others can be controlled.

For the situations that lies beyond the driver's control we can take anything that happens on the road. The driver's attention may be distracted by anything or anyone: "strange" side walkers, a beautiful girl (guy), an accident, beautiful view outside the window, and so on.

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But there are a number of distractions that the driver brings to the driving process himself and thus complicate his life. What these factors are?

1. Charms, toys, pendants

All of these things on the rearview mirror, of course, decorate interior and create a certain atmosphere in it, but during its movement human eye involuntarily begins to get distracted by the bright unusual stuff. They also keep swinging during movement and worsen the side view, dull the attention and interfere the visibility.

Pads, toys, amulets - you can find all this quite often on the control panel and behind the back of the rear seat. But they are also can be classified as the distracting factors for the driver. Being set in the front they distract the attention due to the fact that the eye is influenced with bright colors and when in the back part of the glass it makes it impossible to fully monitor the situation on the road. It is very unsafe. That is why if you rent a car Dubai in Payless Car Rental you may be sure that you’ll get an absolute clean and safe car.

2. Loud music

Music severely worsens the driver's reaction. It has been proved that when the driver listens to the loud music his reaction becomes 30% slower. But on the road every second counts. Is it worth it to risk like that?

3. Mobile phone

Traffic regulations prohibit keeping a mobile phone in hands, but they allow talking with "hands-free". However, any talk on the phone while driving worsens the reaction and distract the attention. If a person is driving on an unfamiliar road, he can simply miss the road sign or not notice the layout. It's better not to talk while driving at all.

4. Food & Beverage

Eating while driving doesn't give the driver the physical ability to quickly respond to changing traffic situations or maneuvers and signals from other drivers. If you want to have a meal - make a stop rather than trying to win a few minutes, at the risk of an accident.

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