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Quad biking DubaiWhat makes Dubai so mesmerizing? Well there isn’t just one thing. There is a combination of factors and reasons that make Dubai amazing. It’s not just the magnanimous buildings, the great shopping malls or the lavished lifestyle that make it a place to remember but it’s also the additional activities that can be done in Dubai such as adventure sports that will make your holidays special. Quad Biking is one such experience that fills your body with exhilaration and adrenaline.

Quad Biking is also known as ATV and it is either three wheeled or four wheeled and are used for conquering rugged terrain as the vehicle is designed with flexible chassis and high traction broad tires for maximum grip. Driving an ATV is a great experience and can be something that you can brag on for a long time and when you couple it with driving an ATV through the sands of the Dubai Desert the experience just enhances to the next level. Dubai is great for this activity and that is why people come to from all over the world and indulge in Quad Biking Dubai.

But quad Biking can be dangerous, so you must be very careful when you participate in this activity. There are certain preparations that you must do and also some things that you must take care of to safeguard yourself from any sort of injury and misshaping. These preventive measures include the following:

Biking in UAE

  • You must be of a minimum age of 15 years in order to be able to enjoy quad biking. So if you are less than 15 years, it would be rather wise of you to avoid it for as long as you don’t reach the qualification age, as it can land your guardians in trouble and you could get hurt. As a matter of fact, as per government statistics a huge number of under age children end up getting hurt and sometimes quite seriously in accidents involving quad bikes. Therefore it is advisable for under age children to stay away from quad bikes.
  • It is extremely important to wear the proper clothing that is suitable for quad biking a it may serve as a protective layer, in case of a miss happening. As quad bikes are constructed in such a way that it does not have any seat belts or any other protective covering, with the intention that the driver can easily escape in case a situation arises, therefore proper protective gear and clothing such as jeans, full sleeve shirts and knee, elbow and chest pads can be a real advantage for you and save you from injuring yourself.
  • Helmets are very necessary for any sort of driving, especially quad biking. One must remember that when quad biking in the sands of Dubai on these tricky sand dunes, there is every chance of you falling. And in such a case having a helmet can come in handy. You can choose a helmet based on your preference between a full face Helmet, Open face Helmet or a Motocross Helmet.

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