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Renting a Car from Al EmadMONEY SAVING

By making your reservation in a hotel located a little bit further from the city center and renting a car, you can save a lot of money. The money you save by renting a car would compensate for the price of car rental. Also, you can enjoy the freedom of movement.


It's very easy to find the car rental office of at the terminal when you arrive at the airport. Besides, there are some affordable companies located outside the airport which usually give a free shuttle ride to connect their offices to the airport. You can save money on buses and expensive taxis; Buses are quite reasonable, but if the bus stop is far from your hotel it might be a pretty uncomfortable option.


Renting a car allows traveling to remote places, restaurants with a view, or hidden trails that are impossible to reach by taking a bus or a taxi. These special places are usually out of reach if you travel by bus. Nothing is better than a car waiting for you at the airport or railway station. Also, nothing is more comfortable than not having to carry your luggage to the tram, bus, or underground or paying additional charges to taxi airport for it. Say yes to the comfort.

Al Emad


Quicklease lets you choose among 4x4, crossovers, family vans, minis, convertibles depending on the requirements of your trip; it's not the same a romantic weekend than a business trip to Dubai.

  • You can give an excellent impression if you rent a car and go to a business meeting. It will be shiny, clean, and if you want, a car of a superior category.
  • To travel with a bunch of friends, renting a car with more than 7 seats is your answer. You will save a lot on fuel if you rent a single car instead of renting two or three. Also, you will have the opportunity of having fun all together throughout the trip.
  • Most of the car rental companies allow renting up to 3 child car seats if you are traveling with children. If you don't want to spoil a very long road trip and you prefer to take a train or airplane; forget the child seats, it's much relaxing to rent them with the car.

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