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Fishing with friendsOver hundreds and thousands of years, the activity of fishing has been there and through time it is developing. Who does love seafood at its best? From a necessity to luxury, fishing has grown with time. If you are in Dubai and have not yet gone for fishing, then you are missing out on everything. Nothing beats the salty smell of the Arabian sea along with your best pals, catching fish. It becomes another level of fun when you grill that fish and eat it for the next meal. The freshness of the fish along with the happiness of catching it yourself becomes a feeling nothing can beat. To experience the best fishing trip, it is highly recommended that you plan your fishing trip to Dubai with My Cruises. They provide you with the best yachts for luxury cruises and also take you deep sea fishing in those amazing yachts.

Plan your next fishing trip today with the people you love and leave everything behind for some time just to enjoy yourself with the purity of mother nature!

Health benefits of fishing!

Though fishing may seem just as a sport or as a mean to get food to eat, there is more to it. There is a very famous proverb in English “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man fishing, feed him for life.” Although this means entirely something

Fishing on yachtelse, but it certainly encourages fishing. Here are a few reasons why fishing is good for your mental health and physical health!

  • Full body strength: We all have seen what happens to a fish when it is pulled outside of the water, if not seen in real, we have seen in cartoons! Battling a small fish even can be a lot of work. This increase full body strength.
  • Family bonding: Fishing makes your social ties better. You can always count on the silence in the earlier part of the morning with your family to ensure the best environment
  • Outdoors in the morning sun is a really good way to get Vitamin D! Helps your skin be happy and healthy!
  • Spending a long time with patience on a certain activity is meditation and meditation are the greatest for your body.
  • In the world of haphazard and chaos, fishing is a great way to learn patience. Sitting for hours until you get the perfect fish can be tricky, yet it will give you mental peace
  • One of the most amazing benefits is that you get to eat food that is non-processed, fresh and low in cholesterol and fat, yet high in protein and other good nutrients for your body. Also freshly caught fish can be the least exposed to the environment allowing full nutrients to your body!
  • Finally, one of the best experiences in your life will be of your fishing! Cherish that!

There are so many benefits of going fishing, it is highly recommended that you rent a yacht and go for fishing today!

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