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Get A Car Tint

It’s very common to see car windows tinted in Dubai. This is because the scorching sun and the summer heat can not only damage the skin of the people sitting in the car but can also make it difficult for the driver to drive and may also damage the interior of your precious vehicle. Car tinting is essential for protecting you as well as your car in many ways. Here we will show you why having a car window tinting Dubai is essential.

Fade Reduction

It is important to have window tints professionally installed by experienced professionals on your vehicle as it is a good way to protect your investment. The tint can block harsh sun rays which are prone to discoloring the vinyl and leather inside your car besides fading the upholstery. Also, it protects your eyes from fatigue and infections caused due to long hours of driving under the sun.

UV Ray Blockage

The common cause of accelerated skin aging and cancer in Dubai is the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. These can be avoided through car tints that provide a high percentage of UV ray blockage.

Solar Heat Rejection

The tints can help in retaining the cool temperature inside the car as the warm tints keep the heat outside the vehicle. It will also help in the right level of air conditioning of all the passengers in the car. This will, therefore, help you save on petrol as you can keep your air condition balanced than keeping it on a high level to reduce the heat.

Shattered Glass Protection

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The tint should not be under-estimated. It is not only a sun-protection technique but also helps in keeping the glass from shattering if something hits it. In case of accidents, passengers are protected from the flying glass shards when the tint is installed. It is also good to know that these tints prevent car theft by breaking the car windows.

Privacy and Security

The glass tints do not provide people outside the car a clear view of what is going on inside the car. All they can see is a dark glass. This lets the passengers sit and enjoy the ride with maximum comfort while maintaining their privacies in their vehicles.

However, ranging from legal limits for car tinting to factory tint and 3M window tint, to fine for the violation, to medical exemptions, to company cars; professionals at Ziebart are very well-versed with country laws. They will be there to assist you and advice you what suits your vehicle the best while complying by U.A.E laws and abiding by every regulation. You will be offered the best service, preventing you from the fines and allowing you to enjoy maximum benefits out of the service.

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